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Aldebaran Shelties

Heather Roberts
798 Phelps Rd.
Lenoir City TN 37771


Aldebaran Shelties agrees to sell the Shetland Sheepdog described below to:_________________________________ of

(city)_____________________________, in the state of _______________________________.

Description of Dog:
  • Registration:
  • Sex:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Color/Markings:
  • Sire:
  • Dam:


It is understood that at the time of sale, this dog is not considered to be of show or breeding quality, but is representative of its breed and is structurally and temperamentally suited as a companion and/or obedience dog. This dog is guaranteed for forty-eight hours from the time of receipt against any health or temperament irregularities, and it is recommended that the buyer have the puppy examined by a veterinarian during this time period. A full refund will be given for any puppy found unsatisfactory by veterinary exam during the first forty-eight hours from the time of receipt. No other guarantee is given or implied except in the case of a hereditary defect which develops to the extent that it renders the dog unsuitable as a pet within three years from the date of sale. In this instance, a replacement will be given as soon as one becomes available.

The buyer agrees that this dog will not be bred and further, that spaying/neutering will be performed before the dog is one year of age.

SELLING PRICE IS: $__________________

  are supplied with this contract.
  will be forwarded upon receipt from AKC.
  will be transferred when proof of neutering is supplied in the form of a veterinary certificate.
  will be signed over to the buyer upon fulfillment of the following terms. (see below)

SPECIAL PROVISIONS OF SALE __________________________________________________________________________________


Should the buyer at some time in the future not be able to keep this puppy/dog, the buyer agrees to place the dog in another suitable companion home. We will provide life-long assistance in locating another suitable home for this dog. If the buyer cannot find another suitable home, this dog must be returned to Aldebaran Shelties at our expense. You agree that this dog will not be surrendered to a Humane Society, dog pound, or public pet shelter. The buyer also agrees to provide adequate food, shelter, and human companionship for this puppy for its lifetime, or as long as you may own him/her. Aldebaran Shelties reserves the right to reclaim this puppy at no cost if at any time if we find it has not been properly cared for. The buyer further ensure that this puppy will not be given or sold to any pet store, laboratory or puppy mill at any time, for any reason, or under any circumstances.

The buyer agrees that should they violate the terms of this contract, they will be liable to Aldebaran Shelties the sum of $3,000.00, plus court costs involved in the enforcement of this contract.

Seller/Printed: Buyer/Printed:
Seller/Signature: Buyer/Signature:
Address: Address:
City, State, Zip: City, State, Zip:
Telephone: Telephone:
Date: Date: